Remembering Rage



So I stumbled upon this flyer for RAGE at the bottom of a drawer today and it really set me thinking. In part because Waremouse was the last EVER track played there (ask Fabio he’ll tell you), but mainly because Rage was simply the most influential club for 2 Bad Mice and countless other pre D&B era artists of the time. The queue would be massive, often taking an hour or more to get in but it was always worth it. It was here that I heard Frankie Bones drop¬† “Let the bass kick” the first real Amen track, and Fabio & Grooverider changed my life forever with tracks like Djum Djum’s “Difference”, Q Bass’s “Dancin’ People” (which made me call every record shop in the south east, eventually I tracked it down and made my first visit to Boogie Times), SL2’s “DJ’s Take Control”, Tronik House “Uptempo”, Satin Storm’s “Come Together” and then, as D&B began to take shape there were tracks like Doc Scott’s “Here Come The Drums” D’livin’s “Why”, Goldie’s “Terminator” and Bukem’s “Demon’s Theme”. The list could go on and on but I aint getting paid to write this stuff so that’s all you’re getting for now.

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  1. great stuff. wish you could have added the flyer(s)

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