Fabio & Groove KISS FM 1992


So Fabio & Grooverider have been doing their show on Radio 1 for 12 years now after been poached from KISS FM by Wilbur Wilberforce. But we have a real treat for you… Recorded across 2 TDK D90s is their first ever guest show on KISS 100. Their current album “Masterpiece” is pretty good, but this 3 hours give an amazing insight in to what really  made these legends tick back in the day. Loads of deep house and techno from labels like Nu Groove and KMS alongside tracks from Code 071, Manix and Bukem, and one of my all time favourite tracks “Sunship” by Sunship (Which took me a decade to track down!)

So to all you new-skoolers out there, draw the curtains for three hours and fucking educate yourselves.


(Thanks to Nick from OldSkoolMixes.com for doing the rips)

Fabio And Grooverider KISS FM 1992 by 2-Bad-Mice

6 Comments on "Fabio & Groove KISS FM 1992"

  1. will says:

    brilliant, miss those days so much, when DJs played whatever was good and hadn’t got lost up their musical cul-de-sacs yet

  2. glenn says:

    thank you thank you thank you! killer…any chance this could be made downloadable??

  3. Mouse #1 says:

    Download link for anyone you wants it Fabio & Grooverider on KISS

  4. spooc says:

    haha…i also have this on a TDK tape as well….SA chrome no less!! I like The Voodoo Ray remix at around 92 mins(anyone got it?!) and track before is nice…in fact all the tunes on this show are bloody brilliant!!

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