Our Highlights Of The Year 2011


WOW! I think it’s fair to say that our 20th anniversary year has been our best yet!

It’s been incredible to see just how much people still love that handful of tracks and remixes that we did way back when. Thanks to everybody that helped make the year so special. Here are our personal top 3 highlights of 2011.


1. Playing at Berghain, Berlin.
This place is the stuff of legend, (DJ Mag’s No1 Club in the world 2009) just walking in there, seeing the scale of it and hearing that soundsystem blew me away. Photography is strictly banned inside so there’s nothing to show but trust me, if you ever get the chance to go there (and get let in) then do it (Just don’t go on a weekday!) Amazing.

2. Glastonbury.
Another ambition fulfilled, I’ve always wanted to play at Glastonbury and after 20 years in the business that wish came true. Up to our knees in mud as the sun set over Somerset the Bangface tent was busy when we started but by the time we finished the crowd outside was huge! Camping is shit though.

3. Glade Festival
Another big one, wicked production, wicked soundsystem, wicked crowd. The whole festival was completely bonkers so arriving early and getting in to the party spirit was a wise choice. Even the mid set power cut couldn’t dampen the spirits. Top night.


1. Being back.
Being back on the road with the guys and all the laughs and banter that go with it. A particular highlight was the Manchester gig at Dry Live. We played an awesome set to a great crowd – then events took a turn for the worse. There was a rather unfortunate incident involving our driver, some disco biscuits and Special Brew. I’ll let you do the Maths.

2. Glade Festival.
Glade Festival power cut. We were in the middle of the set when all of the power went off in the Overkill tent. Suddenly everyone’s phones were being held up as torches while engineers scrambled around to see what the problem was. I said to Paul that people would start to leave, so he started chanting 2 Bad Mice – then the whole tent joined in. It was such a mad thing to experience. Lights back on, music back on and we still had a full tent!!

3. Bangface Weekender 2011.
We dragged Bez back to our chalet for a small night cap. A few hours later we returned to the main room and keeping with tradition Paul ended up with a head injury. I love Bangface and all of the people who go and make it such a great night. Cannot wait for the next one……


1. Glastonbury – Bangface.
I’m probably guessing the other mice are gonna go with this one as well! How could I not include it? 1000 people in the tent and another 2000 trying to get in. Shame it’s such a frigging long drive away. Worth every mile though! Special thanks to Jezzy for getting me there and back in one piece. James Bangface said it was one of the best sets we’d ever played. And that my friends, is a seal of approval!

2. France.
Gigs in Morzine, Alpe d’Huez and Des Alpes. DJing at the bottom of a Ski Lift in Morzine, to a bar full of freezing cold people, and finishing the set with “Club Tropicana”. Irony anyone? Playing at both Smithy’s bar’s in the Alpes over 2 nights. Seasonaires dancing on the tables to Bombscare! Not realising that the bar in 2 Alpes had another 500 people upstairs going mental to the tunes! Bar staff constantly bring more and more shots over. Hic. Thanks to Andy @ Crafty Clothing and Tony @ 100ME.

3. Seattle. Return to Oz. P.A.
Any trip to the States is always a laugh, especially when, A) it’s on your birthday. B) Sean is involved. Due to timezone differences still not fully understood by this author I managed to celebrate my birthday over 48 hours. It just kept on being Saturday. Again. Met some mental people and can’t wait to get back over there! Props to DJ Eva, Shon Miller and George J Rickle, (U Da Man!)

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