We don’t take life too seriously but we’re serious about music. Here’s a little insight into the tracks that have inspired us over the years.


LTJ Bukem “Music”

This was the moment that “Rave” grew up. While the rest of us were still doing mickey mouse vocals and crazy rave stabs, Bukem came out with this beauty. Sparse yet intricate drum programming, hypnotic baseline and chords that just melt your heart. The arrangement is phenomenal, perfectly judged, It’s 9 minutes long yet I never want it to end.
I can remember the night when I first heard it, everyone else was dancing and I was just standing there with my head in my hands, life changing.

Nu Yourican Soul “I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun” (4 Hero Remix)

What do you get when Masters at Work meet 4 Hero? Possibly the best track ever made in the history of music. It’s so uplifting that it makes me want to dance and cry at the same time. Absolutely faultless from beginning to end.

Lifelike feat Kris Menace “Discopolis”

I came back from Ibiza in 2005 singing this tune in my head and had no idea what it was, I tracked it down a couple of months later. Amazing tune, just so different from everything else around. Sounds great at home but play it on a big system and it’s just devastating.

and played at DC10:

Rhythim Is Rhythim “Is What It Is”

So many Rhythim Is Rhythim tracks to choose from, we all love Stings of Life, but this is the one that really spoke to me and represents the best of that era of Detroit techno. Really strange arrangement, every element of the track is already going by the time you hit 40 seconds but this just adds to the charm. Derrick May is a true pioneer.

Jill Scott “Who Is Jill Scott?: Words and Sounds Vol. 1″

This is one of the best albums ever made. It’s got it all, Jill Scott’s incredible voice and brilliant lyrics are stunning but add the production from Jazzy Jeff (yes that one) and you end up with pure soul. Pure class.



Corporation Of One – The Real Life

Given to me by as friend who was into Indie music and it blew my mind. It makes me feel very emotional when I hear it.

Word of Mouth f. DJ Cheese- King Kut

Still sends a shiver down my back and I had the honour of seeing it live in 1986 at UK Fresh in Wembley Arena.

The Prodigy Your Love

Still one of the best rave tracks ever made in my opinion. Liam was once cited as “killing rave”. I felt that was an insult to who we can now see is one of the best dance producers to ever come out of the UK.

Photek – The Water Margin

Love the raw power of the amen break when it drops half way in to the track. I never get tired of this and I often listen to it with my eyes shut, headphones on, in my office.

NOEL GALLAGHER – Rockin’ Chair

Strange you may think but I was at this gig at a real turning point in my life and I can quite honestly say it was the best gig I have ever been to..



Don Carlos – Alone

It’s really difficult to name your top 50 let alone your top 5. This however ticks all the boxes for me. Possibly my No:1 all time tune!! Takes me back to the days when I worked at Parliament Records with Rob Omni Trio and where I first met Sean and Si.

Kings of tomorrow – Finally.

This one almost passed me by, had it on promo a good 9 months before it took off and didn’t really register at first. Then, after a very long day and night of partying in Ibiza, Roger Sanchez dropped it in an 8 hour set and that was it!

Golden Girls – Kinetic (Orbital Mix)

You know, the one that goes der der de der de der. When you drop those first few bars in a mix, people know exactly what’s on the way! Wicked crossover tune that could be played in many different sets. Orbtial smashed this remix!

Ragga Twins – Jugglin

Saw them do this live at the DMC World Finals in 1991ish. Boomin break and bassline. Nuff said.

Jaydee – Plastic Dreams

Another great crossover track. When this first came in to Parliament records, we couldn’t sell it quick enough. Love the way it builds and then goes off on one. Timeless. Still dropping this in sets today. R & S at it’s best.


  1. Cracking list. Good to see “It Is What It Is” on there, much brilliance. What were your favourite Moving Shadow tunes? (and you can’t say the ones that you made).

  2. chris lee says:

    Just wanted to agree with u boys on The Prodigy’s ‘Your Love’ being one
    of the best rave tunes ever,absolute classic.Lennie d’Ice’s “We I E” IS another.:-)

  3. John Atkins says:

    As soon as I heard the intro on the Don Carlos track I knew what it was Been after this for chuffing years and never knew! Absolute gem – nice one:) John

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