Retrotrax 2013 – our review

Not only was May my birthday month but it also saw the return of the Retro Trax Festival. We were over the moon to be asked to play again, so thought we would drag the amazing DJ Faydz along for our mini PA too – just like the year before. Our journey was slightly tense as it was the maiden voyage for Rhodesy’s new camper van that had been receiving major mechanical treatment the week before but it was filled with camping equipment, beer, laptops, records, beer, sleeping bags, beer and fags, before we set off from Stevenage and Hertford…

Once going we soon picked up a mind blowing 60MPH before we noticed that the screws holding the teak effect dashboard to the main body of the vehicle were working their way loose, so foot off the gas, we enjoyed a leisurely ride to the venue – Stanford Hall in Leicestershire (there wasn’t even the the customary piss break for me).
Pulling into the camper van area we set to building the awning that was designed to sit on the side of the GMC camper van and provide us with warmth and comfort for the weekend. After using gaffer tape to actually attach it and warning Rhodesy not to start the engine while we were inside the awning (due to lethal exhaust fumes), we entered the Festival site. Ian Kenyon and Lisa had done a great job with the venue and the marquees were bigger than the year before. There was good crowds in all arenas and it was nice to bump into some old friends. Being the professionals that we are, we retired to the camper van to get our laptops, meditate and prepare the set. Upon opening his laptop case, Rhodesy realised that he had actually forgot to load the PA set on the Mac….. Luckily DJ Faydz (now an honorary member of the 2BM crew) was organised and after tracking him down to a luxury Travelodge near the festival site, he saved the day as he had a copy of our set.
The PA was amazing even the apocalyptic hail storm outside could not dampen the ravers moods – we loved it and Faydz wowed everyone with his intricate scratching. After a night of visiting various marquees we got our heads down in sub zero conditions and made it through the night (I think that the litre of vodka that Sean drank may have kept him snug). Great festival – loved it.
So on to the next one. Keep your eyes peeled for the crappest looking GMC camper van (more like Gimp my Ride instead of Pimp my Ride) in the world and 3 blokes that have not got a fucking clue about camping. That’ll be us…….

Rhodesy sees it slightly differently…..

Retrotrax 2013 saw the first outing of the new 2 Bad Mice Tour Bus. And despite Simon’s usual fucking moaning it not only got us there and back in one piece, we had a party in it after the show! And what a show, we were joined on stage once again by Steve DJ Faydz and he tore the roof off the tent with his faultless scratching. A tent that was made even busier due to the demented hail storm going on at the time……..

Outstanding organisation and planning by Ian and Lisa from Retro Trax means this is one of our favourite festivals to play at. We were honoured to play at the first one, now the second, so here’s to a third next year!!

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