2014 Blew our tiny minds


Phew 2014 has been a mad one!! We saw the New Year in at Fantazia and instantly started to tick off our bucket list for the forthcoming year. We soon ticked off playing at Fabric, Glasgow’s Sub Club, Ibiza, Boomtown Fair, Sea Sessions, the legendary Dreamscape and also had some dream gigs that just blew our minds – Dourfest in Belgium and Future Sound of Breaks in Orlando to name two. It still amazes us that people love Old Skool and hold 2 Bad Mice close to their hearts. This was shown with repeat bookings for Gottwood Festival, Penn Festival, Wilkestock and Bangface. To all of the promoters that booked us – thanks – we had a blast!

A phrase was famously coined many years ago – “Hardcore will never Die”…..it hasn’t and it is now exciting new generations of clubbers and ravers worldwide. This became even more evident when out of the blue we were asked to do a remix for man of the moment Breach. He had recorded a track with Kelis and being an Old Skool nut (and fellow Hertford resident – see the connection?) thought he might coax us out of our 20 year “studio retirement”. Well, he managed it and after the first beer settled the nerves in the studio, we pretty much nailed it. We have been humbled by the reaction to our first production in 20 years and a new EP is on the cards for 2015.

2014 really did blow our tiny little minds.

We’ll be updating with our personal highlights of the year soon.

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