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So we went and did loads of stuff, blah blah blah, Retrotrax was cool, Brighton was crazy, Leeds and Nottingham were banging, have I missed anything?

Our Highlights Of The Year 2011


WOW! I think it’s fair to say that our 20th anniversary year has been our best yet!

It’s been incredible to see just how much people still love that handful of tracks and remixes that we did way back when. Thanks to everybody that helped make the year so special. Here are our personal top 3 highlights of 2011.

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FACT Mix #250


If you don’t know about FACT mixes then where have you been? Pretty much anyone who’s anyone in underground music has done one of these in last few years so it was a huge privilege to be asked to do their 250th anniversary mix. It’s only up for a limited time so don’t sleep on this one..


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2BM Hit Glastonbury!


20 years in the business and a dream come true for 2 Bad Mice. We are excited to announce that we will be playing Glastonbury Festival for the first time this year! The date for your diary is Thursday 23rd June, we’ll be in the Glade Lounge. If anybody has a spare crash helmet please bring it along for Rhodesy as this is a Bangface event, nuff said.


Glade Festival Has Moved

In case you missed it, Glade Festival, where you can catch us on Sat 11th June has moved to a new location; From Glade:

Dear All…

Last week I got back to work, having taken some time off to get married the weekend before, to find that the proverbial had hit the fan.

Our site pulled out

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A quick catch up…

Firstly apologies for being so slack with updating the site. Things have been very busy round here so here’s a quick catch up: Seattle, Tenerife, Liverpool and Manchester were all great fun, thanks so much to everyone who turned out, we should be back again soon. Raindance was crazy as usual so a big shout to all those that came down.

And finally, needless to say, Rhodesy arrived back from Bangface with another head injury, so no change there.

Energy Flash Blog


Be sure to check out Simon Reynolds’ Energy Flash blog, loads of interesting music related articles. For those that have never heard of Simon Reynolds, he’s a music journalist and author of “Generation Ecstasy” and “Energy Flash”, two great books about rave culture. We’re bigs fans of Simon here, not least because he’s always had nice things to say about 2 Bad Mice but also because he’s a super nice guy that Continue reading →

Ektos 17th Dec Swindon



All roads lead to Swindon (not ALL roads obviously, the M4 goes close I think). Anyway why not come and join at Ektos on December 17th us for a proper Old Skool knees-up. There’ll be plenty of quality tunes, a significant amount of alcoholic beverages, some general tomfoolery and possibly some falling over. See you there.

Fabio & Groove KISS FM 1992


So Fabio & Grooverider have been doing their show on Radio 1 for 12 years now after been poached from KISS FM by Wilbur Wilberforce. But we have a real treat for you… Recorded across 2 TDK D90s is their first ever guest show on KISS 100. Their current album “Masterpiece” is pretty good, but this 3 hours give an amazing insight in to what really   Continue reading →

Remembering Rage



So I stumbled upon this flyer for RAGE at the bottom of a drawer today and it really set me thinking. In part because Waremouse was the last EVER track played there (ask Fabio he’ll tell you), but mainly because Rage was simply the most influential club for 2 Bad Mice and countless other pre D&B era artists of the time. The queue would be massive, often taking an hour or more to get in but it was always worth it. It was here that I heard Frankie Bones drop  “Let the bass kick” the first real Amen track, and Fabio & Grooverider changed my life forever with tracks like Djum Djum’s “Difference”, Continue reading →